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A user-friendly AI powered platform that helps you reduce cost, planning time and increase resources utilization with end to end visibility

Logibee delivery managment platform

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A-user friendly AI Powered platform that helps you reduce the cost,planning time ,and increase resource utilization with end to end visiblity

Move Faster
with complete
Process Automation

Reduce cost
with efficient
Resource utilization

Save time with
route optimization

Increase response time
with geo location
Enable event tracker


Reduction in
Planning time


Increase in
Resource utilization


Logistics cost


Reduce per
order by
smart route


Fuel usage

2 Ton

Carbon Footprint
reduce with
1 customer in
6 months
Planning time


A-user friendly AI Powered platform that helps you reduce the cost,planning time ,and increase resource utilization with end to end visiblity

Comprehensive solution that
create new opportunities for your business

Comprehensive solution that
create new opportunities for your business


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Simplify logistics operation

Accelerate your business.

Achieve sustainable growth

LogiBee testimonials
logibee testimonials


CEO, Chakkizza

nered with Logibee to optimize routes and ease out operational hurdles. We have successfully reduced our planning time by 90% with Logibee’s AI Powered Optimizers. We can auto-generate delivery schedules and share it with our 3PL Partners with a single click. The route optimization and automation has reduced our operational cost by 15%.

logibee testimonials


CEO, Meatyour

We, at Meatyour, have implemented the Logibee Logistics Platform to improve our delivery processes. Logibee is extremely easy to use and configure. The platform enables us to create and schedule fully optimised delivery trips in under 2.5 minutes / 100 orders. Logibee’s AI based optimization and automation ensures error free processes that contribute to a 20% reduction in operational costs.

logibee testimonials

Mr.Rizwan Yusuf

VP Operation, NESS Xpress

Logibee's smart automation has helped to increase process accuracy and velocity. This gives me better end-to-end control over the entire delivery journey. Now, I can pay attention to capacity utilisation and work on better delivery throughput that add to the bottomline. EXTRA advanced delivery management software optimises routes for deliveries, pickups and services in real-time, including last mile which make job easier.

logibee testimonials

Anjar Saleh

Operation Supervisor, NESS Xpress

Coordinating the last mile delivery is a major concern for me. Our company has high quality standards for each delivery. With Logibee, I can now closely monitor field agents and watch out for delivery disruptions. I can easily communicate with my staff and ensure smooth flow of operations.

logibee testimonials


Driver, NESS Xpress

Many factors like traffic, customer availability and vehicle breakdown can disrupt a delivery. With Logibee's mobile companion app, I can quickly raise delivery exceptions and receive support from my supervisors for any delivery disruption event. It is a clutter free and easy to use. I feel proud to be a part of a team now.

logibee testimonials

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