Top 5 Challenges in Medicine Deliveries of ePharmacies

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Burhan Surti


Hailing from a traditional Gujarati family, it was very natural for me to continue the legacy of family business. My dream was to become a successful entrepreneur. Though a bit unconventional for my background, I opted for technical education and started with a job.

I have Worked for more than 2 decades in eCommerce, logistics & supply chain areas. My skills helped me to work with organisations such as TESCO, Alibaba, RedMart, Future Bazaar, and Wipro. I have built world class Enterprise Applications in E-commerce and Logistics. I also have set up a Captive Centre from scratch, growing it to a 100+ strong global team.

Working with customers all over the world has helped me get a deeper understanding of the challenges of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Retail and Logistics domain. I understood that in reality, these businesses face hundreds of small problems. Solutions are simple. But first, one has to understand all of these problems and solve them comprehensively. This adds up to make a huge difference.

With this learning, I took a leap of faith to pursue my entrepreneurial dream and quit my corporate career after 2 decades. With the onset of the pandemic, increased demand created by Ecommerce has compelled every business to consider and incorporate first & last-mile delivery as part of their core business function which accelerated the execution of my dream.

With 73% of Organizations Globally expected to adopt SaaS by 2022 it became clear that the best way to make a difference to the Small & Medium Enterprises is to build a SaaS Platform. This led to the Birth of LogiBee, an AI powered, Integrated End to End Logistics Excellence SaaS Platform that helps Small & Medium Enterprises Dream Big and make it a Reality.

You've already seen my Vision and Mission for our organization. Though at the moment we are enabling Logistics Excellence through the first and last mile operation management, we will soon be expanding to other areas of the supply chain life cycle and solve thousands of small problems that add up to a huge benefit for Small and Medium Businesses across the globe.

If this story has vibed with you, join me in my dream. Share with me your expertise. We can grow together to see ourselves as the feather in the cap to enable all small & medium Enterprises across globe with Logistics Excellence

Thank you!

Ranjan Acharya


Ranjan Acharya Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at logibee helping to build sales, customer success, customer support and operations teams. He is the pivotal driving force behind logibee.

Ranjan is passionate about driving scaling business ,growing new ideas and concepts, developing Business and revenue. With over a 2 decades of experience in developing and leading operations, business development and process digitalization in industry including retail, ecommerce, while working with industry leaders including Landmark Group, Future Group, Quara Group.

Burhan Surti