Transit Time.

Medical Care.

Omnichannel enablement. Real time insights on the delivery journey. Support for both inbound and outbound logistics.

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1 Shorten transit times at each step of the delivery journey

Hassle free, configuration driven onboarding process to accommodate multiple 3PL providers.

API & Multiple File Format support for easy exchange of information. Extensive data export.

One time system setup for fleet, shifts and on-field agents/partners enabling automating on downstream delivery processes.

2 Increase real time visibility of your deliveries

Detail oriented, multi job, multi location trip planning for optimal trip performance.

AI Powered routing and location intelligent scheduling with flexibility of manual adjustment for complete control over entire delivery journey

Everything you need for a flawless delivery execution from label printing to real time dashboards.

3 Expand your delivery operations

Process orders with system validations and coordinate with customers for accurate delivery information.

Anticipate and proactively address delivery risk failures using real time dashboards with processes built by delivery experts.

Accommodate on demand and unplanned customer orders with ease and give a reason for them to come back to you again.