Increase Delivery Effectiveness and Create Customer Delight

Increase Delivery Effectiveness and Create Customer Delight

See retail opportunities and fine tune your business model.


Bring Home Your Last Mile Deliveries

  • Ensure you are in full control of the end to end experience for your customers with Logibee.
  • Self manage your complete operation including fleet, drivers and shifts or work with your chosen 3rd party logistics partner!
  • With Logibee's end-to-end retail logistics solution, you can make sure your customers are more delighted than ever!
Bring Home Your Last Mile Deliveries

Simplify and streamline your delivery operations

  • Setup your operations in no time. Plan and Deliver your orders in simple and easy steps. Automate your processes with system driven validations.
  • Our easy, simple and hassle-free onboarding module allows you to easily invite multiple logistics partners and begin working with them right away.
  • The delivery order processing module gives you the capacity to bulk upload, validate and streamline your delivery data. Use our open API features and multiple file format support to link your order data seamlessly to our delivery software.
  • Setup your fleet, on-field agents/partners, shifts, and vehicle allocations in simple and easy steps using our system setup features once. Use this master data to automate and enforce system level validations.
Simplify and streamline your delivery operations

Optimize routes, capacity and resources using AI powered features

  • Get alerted for under utilized capacity. Open up your doors for collaborative deliveries. Never let unused capacity be a burden
  • Divide your service area into manageable zones using our map based zone management feature set. Use our AI powered location intelligence to automatically map your delivery jobs to zones. Allocate trips within or across zones to optimize capacity.
  • Generate optimal routes with flexibility to manually adjust and re-sequence using our AI powered route management and trip planning module. Get alerted to unused capacity and reach out to fellow retailers to collaborate for last mile deliveries and grow your business.
  • Use our trip planning and smart analytics features to understand your unused capacity, consolidate and maximize your resource utilization across logistics partners and/or different job types, improving the bottom line.
Optimize routes, capacity and resources using AI powered

Ensure Customer Delight

  • Delight your customers with accurate and timely deliveries. Coordinate deliveries in real time and avoid delivery failure.
  • Using the capabilities of our trip management and real time dashboard features, respond dynamically to on-ground situations and make sure your deliveries meet and exceed customer expectations.
  • Our on-field agent/partner mobile app to track the entire delivery journey and respond to delivery failure risks in real time. Be constantly in communication with on-field agents/partners and your customers during the delivery job life cycle.
  • Powerful features of our delivery management module give you the ability to track successful deliveries with e-proof of delivery. Access audit trails for each failed delivery job and take appropriate action
Ensure Customer Delight