Own your channel and Power your deliveries

D2C Customers

Understand and avoid the risk of delivery management


Get started with your D2C model within minutes

  • Use our easy configuration driven technology to setup your last mile delivery system in minutes and begin your operations almost instantly.
  • Take control of the entire customer experience by adding the final piece of the puzzle, namely, last mile deliveries!
D2C Brands

Deliver a great customer experience!

  • Delight your customers with accurate and timely deliveries. Coordinate deliveries in real time and avoid delivery failures!
  • Use Logibeeā€™s hassle free order delivery data processing capabilities to screen and accept delivery jobs with complete information. Notify and coordinate rejections for better delivery experience.
  • With our trip management features, track and manage every trip with real time notifications and alerts from on-field agents/partners. Dynamically respond to evolving on-ground situations.
  • Track every parcel and trip using our real-time operations dashboards. Get notified to evolving on-ground risks and apply best practices to avoid delivery failure.
D2C Brands

Manage your last mile comprehensively

  • Self manage your fleet or work with chosen partners. Prepare parcels for shipping. Manage trips, routes and deliveries.
  • Create and standardize your fleet, on-field agent/partner and shift management master data based on your requirements. Automate trip planning and management to catalyze your operations.
  • With our AI powered route planning and trip management features, generate optimized routes and fine tune them for any on-ground eventualities.
  • Use our delivery management capabilities to print labels as needed, track, manage and/or reassign parcels dynamically, trips and vehicles in real-time and respond to any on-ground incidents dynamically.
D2C Brands

Achieve logistics excellence

  • Gain a 360 degree understanding of the last mile journey. Continuously improve processes with the help of smart analytics.
  • Use our features to understand your unused capacity, consolidate and maximise your resource utilization across sellers and/or different job types, improving the bottom line.
  • Our real time operations dashboards interact seamlessly with our mobile app and allow you to track parcels, vehicles and final deliveries from a single place. Use these analytics to respond dynamically to on-ground situations and avoid delivery failures.
  • Use the notification and communication capabilities of our mobile app to coordinate smoothly with your on-field agents/partners and customers. Handle real time exceptions smoothly and efficiently based on industry best practices.
D2C Brands