Leveraging the hub and spoke model for scaling logistics delivery without losing control on your logistics management.

Comprehensive and easy to use capability to increase shipment delivery speed for optimized logistics management.

Leveraging the hub and spoke model for scaling logistics delivery without losing control on your logistics management


  • The latest release of Logibee’s logistics automation platform helps businesses scale and save time with the hub and spokes model.
  • This is a huge benefit for fast-growing companies, which have to run multiple micro fulfillment centers and dark stores. Creating a fulfillment center (sometimes referred as hub or depot) is as easy as click and mark on a map based interface.
  • With this latest release, Logibee can become your logistics partner without you having to know all the details of how a hub and spoke model works.
  • You can simply mark locations as hubs/depots and the rest is taken care of by Logibee as the orders flow in.

Combining Geo Fencing with Hub and Spoke Model for better logistics automation

Logibee allows a geofencing zone based operational model for effective route optimization. Zones are the partitioning the areas of operation into smaller portions. With Logibee’s polygonal geometry, you can create zones of any size and shape. This geo fencing then serves as boundaries for route optimization.

With the latest feature update you can select a specific location within the zone to be a depot. Depots are used as parcel pickup locations. So if you have an existing area of operation you can now choose your depots more effectively.

If you don't have an existing zone and want to create zones, you can do this with ease. That way you can easily define pickup locations for your customers. No additional infrastructure is required for creating zones. You can add zones instantly as a part of your master setup. You can create as many zones as you wish or have the need for.

Orchestrating your logistics organization structure for the hub and spoke model.

A supervisor can be assigned to each depot to manage all the deliveries that come through that particular depot. If there are multiple depot locations, then a zone manager can be assigned to oversee a group of those depots, and if there are multiple cities with depot locations, then a city manager can be assigned to oversee all the city zone managers.

This organization structure makes it easy to manage a nationwide, multi-city delivery operation with the ability to drill down to a specific depot.

Scaling your operations can be smooth with Logibee as your technology logistics partner Whether you are operating your own dark stores or partnering with local retailers for delivery fulfillment, you can quickly add those locations as depots and start parcel pickups from those locations within minutes. Logibee's AI-powered routing and scheduling application helps you figure out the fastest and shortest routes for each trip. On-field agents can verify and accept or reject parcels for delivery. Each trip can be quickly and meticulously planned.

As a depot supervisor, Logibee gives you a comprehensive view of all your upcoming trips, the live location of your drivers, and accurate delivery ETAs in real time. You'll be alerted to any exceptions so you can take proactive actions.

Your Perfect Technology Logistics Partner

Logibee is the perfect technology logistics partner for expanding your logistics delivery operations without losing control. With Logibee, all your information needs are fully addressed and your operations are streamlined without blinking an eyelid. Contact us now to learn more about how Logibee can help you take your business to the next level.