If you ignore these 3 time saving logistics automations now, you will hate yourself later.

Logistics automation aim to ease the burden on executive staff by providing a logistics Management systems that is designed and created by expert logisticians with ground understanding on logistics management.

Leveraging the hub and spoke model for scaling logistics delivery without losing control on your logistics management

Time: A critical resource in logistics automation and overall logistics management

  • A critical resource that is of great value in logistics is time. Saving time in logistics can have direct bottom line impact.
  • It can indirectly impact the quality of work in your company, by allowing you to better utilise your resources.
  • Logibee’s platform is designed to save cost as well as time. When you use our platform to leverage your logistics efforts, you will not only end up with direct cost savings, but also have indirect benefits in terms of better resource utilisation.
  • Here are three examples of our time-saving logistics automation processes that our customers love. We've designed these processes with the help of experienced logisticians and they save our customers a lot of time. We always get great feedback about these processes in every demo.

Logistics Automation #1: One Tap Delivery Reattempt for better logistics management

Failed delivery is the most unwanted thing in logistics management. The first impact is in terms of cost as a failed attempt raises the logistics cost by at least 2.5 times that of the original cost. Logibee’s automation aids in minimizing this cost impact

With Logibee’s logistics automation, If a driver partner or on field agent flags a missed delivery, the back office is notified in real time. They can coordinate with customers in real time and ensure a delivery re-attempt before the driver completes their trip.

Logistics Automation #2: Built In Customer Communication .

Effective communication results in higher first attempt delivery success rates. Each time an on-ground incident happens, logistics operations staff have to coordinate with customers quickly to ensure the delivery failure risk is mitigated.

Logibee has communication sequences that can be triggered with a single tap. This enables the remote back office to send emails and SMS to customers and coordinate effectively. This helps in faster and better coordination and improves first attempt delivery success rates.

Logistics Automation #3: Mid Trip Delivery Reshuffle

Most logistics management platforms consider AI Scheduled trips as a holy grail. Doing so disempowers driver partners and on-field agents. Over time, they simply don't bother to suggest delivery re-attempts even when it results in higher delivery success rates.

Logibee empowers on-field agents to take charge when an incident occurs by letting them override the AI generated schedule. Any changes made are logged and notified to both remote supervisors as well as to the customers. This leads to a coordinated effort to mimize the impact of an on field incident.

This builds a sense of ownership among the field force for the success of deliveries. By being able to notify customers and remote supervisors of changes, the on-field agent is able to maintain a good relationship with all parties involved. .

Conclusion: Your perfect technology logistics partner

When you save time, you're not only increasing your efficiency, but you're also opening up possibilities to focus on other important areas of your business. Connect with us to learn how our logistics management automations can help save both time and money for your company.