How to serve impatient customers: Logistics automation is the key !

How Logistics Automation and Route Optimization can help you deliver goods to customers quicker and keep them happier

How Logistics Automation and Route Optimization can help you deliver goods to customers quicker and keep them happier

How logistics can convert impatient customers into repeat customers

  • All customers, without any exceptions, are impatient to lay their hands on their purchases. Thanks to Q Commerce players like Zepto and Blinkit, they are now more impatient to get their orders delivered faster. Most customers are also willing to pay a premium for a faster delivery. Therefore, Quick response time is one of the key goals of any online business model.
  • Customer wait time can be shortened with an effective logistics system. In fact, shortening your customer's wait time is one of the main goals of an efficient logistics management system. In the current scenario, a quick response time lets your customers know that you value their time and business, which can be crucial for building a lasting relationship with them.

What your route optimizer doesn’t want you to know!

The customer's time starts as soon as you accept their order. Most logistics platforms focus on route optimization to help reduce the delivery time once a trip has started. However, there are physical limitations like speed and traffic that can constrain how much you optimize.

So, route optimization is definitely essential and a core part of any logistics management platform. But, it is not the holy grail of logistics operations. By focusing on a few other areas to optimise your delivery time, you can reduce your estimated time of arrival. Smart platforms like Logibee focus on the amount of time it takes to:

  • Upload delivery data
  • Verify the correctness of delivery data
  • Allocate orders to zones of operation
  • Create trips with available drivers and vehicles

Order shipment data upload

This is typically a highly time consuming process for businesses to get onboarded for any logistics management platform. A normal time frame for this work is 4-6 weeks however sometimes it gets extended upto 12 weeks.

Having quicker onboarding play a critical role. Non-tech, no code shipment movement across systems to make delivery order data upload and verification quick and easy is most desired and expected.

Master data and information management

The key to effective logistics management planning is to leverage resources in the most efficient way possible. Having a streamlined and easy-to-use resource master data management system is crucial in making this happen. This should be a one-time setup that can be managed easily via a seamless user experience or automated by API.

Location Intelligence to increase delivery accuracy

Once order information is available on Logibee, a smart location intelligence engine gets in action. The location intelligence engine quickly verifies orders which are missing geolocation (latitude and longitude) and auto adds those missing data with accurate location information. This information plays a great role to ensure that your deliveries are always on time and accurate.

Visual tools to plan delivery trips

After you have your customer's shipping information in place, the next step is to start planning deliveries effectively. Having a map-based view of customer delivery locations is much more effective than just relying on a list of addresses. This way, you can better visualize where you need to make deliveries and plan your route accordingly.

Logibee offers a map based visualization of your order data. Furthermore, you can use our polygonal geometry to visually mark your zones of operation very accurately. Then you can use drag and drop function to consolidate orders into trips.

Fully Automated Capacity Optimization

Whether you are using a 3PL or your own fleet, you can ensure that your vehicle capacity is fully optimized with a single click of a button. Smart logistics management platforms such as logibee allow you to specify you your vehicle capacity data as a part of their one time master data setup.

Once your order data is ready, the platform leverages capacity data of the vehicle to auto allocate orders to vehicles and generate a route optimized schedule without you having to move a finger. This entire process can be done within a few minutes even if you have thousands of orders.

This can make the whole logistics management planning process much easier and more efficient for the operation team.

FMobility Suite to Manage Delivery Schedules in real time

The route optimized schedules can be shared with drivers. Logibee’s mobility suite allows drivers to verify the parcels before starting the trip, do mid trip shuffles to manually adjust the AI generated schedules, coordinate with remote office and customers in case of any on field incident such as a missed delivery due to customer unavailability.

Logibee: Your perfect technology Logistics Partner

Logibee's customers have found that what used to take them more than 60 minutes earlier, is now done in 10 minutes time. That is almost a 90% drop in planning time. With such kind of time saving you can move from next day delivery to same day delivery.

Using logibee doesn’t just increase your convenience, it gives you a complete strategic advantage over your competition. If you're looking for a way to streamline your delivery operations and get more done, Logibee is the perfect solution. We can help you plan faster and deliver more, so you can focus on growing your business.