How logistics management can help you create a great brand without being bankrupt!

Creating and managing a great customer experience when it comes to customer last delivery can be difficult, but there are ways to make the process more customer-friendly!

How logistics management can <span>help you create a great brand </span> without being bankrupt!

The role of logistics management in creating a world class brand

  • A brand, in most simple terms is a bundle of promises that the customer expects you to fulfil every time they place an order.
  • Brand equity is the investment made by the customer in terms of time and effort to be loyal to your products/services. So, building brand equity takes time, effort and expertise.
  • Covid, brought with it an explosion of online services. Everyone may make a profit and sustain in the long run, but over time only those who build a great brand will survive.
  • A most simple and effective way is to create a superb delivery experience which makes the customer feel valued and builds up the taste to come back for more to you.
  • Logibee recognizes the importance of Customer Delivery as a great opportunity for building trust and equity with customers. There are three ways in which Logibee can help in building equity through a superior customer delivery experience. Let’s explore.

Branding with Logistics Management Tip #1: Real time delivery tracking and visibility

Customers are insanely curious about where their delivery is. Not knowing about the status of their parcels generates anxiety and makes the customers uneasy, which is not good for business.

Real-time shipment delivery tracking is a great way to ease customer anxiety about their orders. By letting them know the estimated time of arrival and the current location of the parcel, they can rest assured that their package is on its way.

With Logibee’s automation capabilities, you can share a tracking URL with your customers, using which they can get a minute to minute update about the location of their parcel.

Branding with Logistics Management Tip#2: Dynamic, timely communication .

In logistics, Exceptions happen all the time. Logistics operations do not always go as planned. This may disrupt delivery attempts and be a cause of concern for customers. Customers love to be informed. It allows them to plan better and minimize the impact of such exceptions.

With Logibee’s exception management, driver partners or on-field agents can signal an exception to the delivery supervisor. The back office can then initiate a pre-built communication sequence to all concerned for taking the proper action. This can include informing customers about the delay through SMS and Email notifications.

For example: Let us say a vehicle breakdown occurs suddenly. The driver partner can signal that to the back office. The back office can find out where a nearest vehicle is available, check its current capacity, signal the driver to pick up the items en-route, generate a new schedule, communicate it to the driver and communicate change of delivery ETA to customers through EMail and SMS all with a few clicks of the button. No sweat.

Branding with Logistics Management Tip#3: Shipment verification before delivery

Delivering a damaged parcel can signal a completely wrong picture to the customers. Most manufacturers advise their customers not to accept any parcel that is damaged. It is a bitter post purchase experience for customers to ask for replacement or to schedule a return.

You can reduce post purchase dissonance, by taking accountability for a damaged parcel. With Logibee’s automation capabilities, a driver partner can inspect a parcel before delivery and flag it as unsuitable for delivery. The back office is notified of this in real time and can take measures to communicate with customers.

Logibee even has pre-built communication sequences that help them to notify customers and coordinate an effort with new delivery ETAs with a few simple clicks. .

Conclusion: Your perfect technology logistics partner

Logibee has many features that work together to create a smooth delivery experience for your customers, helping you to build trust and loyalty with them. Connect with us to learn more about how we can help you enhance your brand's equity.