How delivery management software (DMS) helps you scale your logistics operations?

What matters most when vendors flood you with latest and cutting edge features

Leveraging the hub and spoke model for scaling logistics delivery without losing control on your logistics management


As an experienced shipper or new entrant into online sales, you will eventually need technology to help you manage and automate your logistics operations. A good DMS (Delivery Management System) with logistics automation capabilities can provide the essential features you need to streamline your logistics process.

Delivery Management Software capability #1: Reducing your time to plan

When you're trying to optimize your delivery times, it's not just the delivery itself that you need to focus on – you also need to be able to reduce the amount of time it takes to plan everything out. Your delivery management software should offer you the ability to do this. You can optimize your route to lower your delivery ETA but there is only so much you can do there. However, if you can reduce the amount of time it takes you to plan, you can deliver more.

Delivery Management Software capability #2: Real Time Tracking and tracing

When it comes to running a business, Real-Time Tracking is essential for understanding what's going on with every trip. Whether it's getting updates about live locations of vehicles or field force reports on incidents, the DMS must relay everything to you so that you can take proactive action. This kind of information is crucial for spotting potential problems and dealing with them before they cause any major issues.

Delivery Management Software capability #3: Realtime customer communication

Fast and holistic communication is key when it comes to last mile delivery. Delivery Management System (DMS) must have automated communication processes in place that can alert all stakeholders with a single click. This way, everyone is always on the same page and aware of any changes or updates that need to be made, ensuring a coordinated and smooth process from start to finish.

Delivery Management Software capability #4: Customer Delight and customer loyalty

It's important to remember that part of the post-purchase evaluation process for your customers is delivery. A bad delivery experience can completely kill the joy that they felt from buying and using your product. Delivery Management System (DMS) should be designed in a way that allows you ample opportunity to delight your customers through great delivery experiences.

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